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The Married Couples Intimacy Store
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God and Marriage
What we believe about the place and priority of marriage.

Permitted or Prohibited (Christian Sex Ethics)

Communicating Boundaries:
Finding agreement on what we do in our sex lives.

Marriage Tips
10 behaviors that compromise the strength of a marriage.

Sexual Intimacy:
Kissing, dancing and making time for making love.

Having A Difficult Conversation About Sex: Initiating talks about sensitive issues.

The Choices Opportunity:
The Pure Bed's ChoicesTM Home Party Plan gives married women an opportunity to earn cash and share TPB's mission.

Visit our blog for frank but reverent commentary on marriage, sex and faith at!

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The Pure Bed Difference

What makes The Pure Bed different than any other site peddling sex toys and lingerie?

The Pure Bed addresses the issues of married sex from a Christian perspective.  Christian sexuality is anchored by the principle that sex is a wonderful gift of God to strengthen the bond of a husband and wife.  We not only celebrate the unitive value of sex.  We celebrate that sex is also intended for pleasure.  We are unapologetic about this.

For our Christian visitors, The Pure Bed is, in part, a response to a need within the body of Christ to speak more honestly and directly to issues of marriage and sex.  As Christians, we are aware that sex is dealt with directly, practically and reverently in scripture.  We are convinced that we must take that same approach and be careful to present to married couples a balanced message of  sex that speaks to its virtues while acknowledging its voids.

For all, this is a place where a husband and wife can find products and information to enhance their sexual experiences without pornography and concerns about what may be received in your mail or email boxes as a result of having visited or purchased from us.  Like you, we value discretion in all forms of communication.

The Pure Bed difference?

  • Our content is customized to speak specifically to legally married couples from a Christian Worldview.
  • Our main site and store are free of pornographic products and imagery.
  • We don't use nude models on our site.
  • We don't use live models for displaying lingerie.
  • We don't sell video or literary products with pornographic images.
  • We acknowledge that sex should always be intimate BUT marital intimacy must be more than just sex!
  • We provide our own resources (blog, newsletter, forum for husbands) to help promote a healthy perspective of sex in marriage.
  • We don't use pop-up windows to 'catch you'!.
  • We don't spam you.
  • We don't send unsolicited mail or email to you.
  • We are not lewd but are frank.
  • We ship your order discreetly.
  • We ship your order quickly.
  • We protect your privacy and will NEVER sell or share your information.
  • We are in business to make a difference which means we have opted to make LESS money.
  • Our prices are competitive and, often, among the lowest you will find.
  • We believe receiving good customer service is your right.
  • We believe giving good customer service is our duty.
  • Our customers are looking for a particular shopping experience.  We are looking to give it to them!

A few TPB customer comments...

"Just wanted to say thank you for being so fabulous!! I always have a pleasant experience every time I order from The Pure Bed.

On the one occassion that I had a problem with an order (the fault being mine), you were so prompt in taking care of it. I greatly appreciate your professionalism and the testimony of your business!

I have been spreading the word about your products to a few of the good christiam women in my church and to other in the local area.  It really means a lot to be able to talk openly to others knowing that it is inspired to the desires of true love and not lust."-Mrs. C

"The package arrived today.  Wow, what fast shipping!   Thank you"-Joy

"Thank you so much for being a great support to christian marriages. We just had our 20th anniversary and are thrilled to learn new things to keep our love powerful!"-Mike

"Its about time! I have been looking for a store like this. There is that long standing stereotype that "good people" don't have sexual desires. I tell people all the time its what makes us all human,and I feel good that its not an in your face porn site either. Just keep up the good work, I'll let my women's group know about you."-Angela

"I love the sex ethics teaching you have available for download on the site. It is quite refreshing to have someone use scripture, and logical reasoning skills when building a point for something. Your site was truly inspirational and I can't wait to bring out some of your thoughts in our class. Thanks so much for what you are doing."-Sean

"I wanted to thank you for this great customer care.  It would bring me back to order from you even if the products had not been as good as they are.  And let me be clear--I am very satisfied with the products I received.  It was also great that someone took the time to write a personal note.

To be clear, I am more than completely satisfied with your products and service.  Thanks."-Tim




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