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The Choices Opportunity

A Different Kind of Adult Romance Home Party Plan!

Are you thinking about what you can do to boost the family's income?  Are you interested in earning extra cash while running a relevant and greatly needed ministry to married women?

  • Earn up to 35% commission on party sales.
  • Earn passive income by promoting us to married customers via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, a webpage, website or other social networking sites.
  • Take advantage of impulse buyers and a loyal customer following by purchasing inventory to have on hand.
  • Incent your hostess to help you succeed with free gifts and generous purchasing discounts.
  • Receive free ongoing training and valuable information to help you build your ministry and grow your business.
  • Work with a company that shares your values and commitment to your sucess!
  • Get a free webpage to promote your business.
  • Feel good about what you do!
  • Bless others by what you do!
  • Love what you do!
  • Honor God by what you do!


Choices Access Request

Temporarily closed for new requests.  Complete this form if you are considering becoming a Choices Consultant and would like more information.  We will contact you shortly.  As is always the case with us, your information will never be sold or shared with others.

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Wife considers budget

Many of us, as wives and moms, are facing three pressing concerns:

The Economy.  With jobs being scarce and many more in jeopardy, the looming threat of financial ruin is on the minds of many.  Even for those of us who believe God takes care of His children, we are living wisely and monitoring our spending and savings more closely.  These are trying times for many.

The Family.  We want the best for our children.  We want to be able to take them places and show them things that will broaden their understanding and enrich their lives.  We want to be able to spend quality time with our husbands, take vacations or spend leisure time together.  We want to be able to give and participate in church ministries and contribute to charites.  We want to be able to help pull the financial load when times are tight (Proverbs 31).  We also want to be able to treat ourselves and family to something nice on occasion.

The Faith.  As Christians, we'd like to be able to engage in meaningful ministry, surround ourselves with other women of faith and exercise our talents, gifts and skills for God's glory.  We desire to be vital in our roles as wife and mother...but also recognize that we have more that we can give!  We want to be apart of relevant ministry and fruitful interactions that will regenrate our energies and motivate us to become better wives and moms.

The Choices Home Party Plan may be your answer!

We are convinced that the integrity of our Consultants, the quality and variety of their information and products and the unique quality of a Choices Home Party will create a loyal following for those who join the Choices team!

Choices Home Parties, much like the popular adult romance home parties you know, are an opportunity to earn commission on the sale of romance and intimacy products while sharing information about sexual intimacy in a fun and friendly environment.

However, there are key areas that distinguish Choices from all other similar opportunities:

  • Choices is committed to supporting and celebrating healthy sexual intimacy in marriage!
  • Choices shares scriptural principles of faith that help wives answer questions about the content and quality of their sex lives as God intended.
  • Our products are priced to market.  This means customers are paying more for the party experience.  Budget conscience buyers won't get sticker shock!
  • Our parties are fun, exciting, informative and beneficial events with a well-managed hostess-consultant relationship.  They are not raunchy gatherings with anti-marriage rhetoric!
  • Our commission and incentive programs are transparent.  As your business partner, we succeed only when you succeed!