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Marriage and Intimacy Links and Resources
Please note, while we do inspect sites to which we link for editorial compliance to our mission and values, we cannot completely endorse each site to which we link as content may have been altered or changed since our initial inspection.  If a site appears non-compliant with our stated emphasis on strong marriage or if it supports pornography, please contact us. 

Christian Sexuality

Christianity Today-Answering sexual intimacy questions from a Biblical perspective.

Focus on the Family-Resources for married couples seeking greater passion.

Marriage Missions - Contains articles on Sexual Issues and Marital Intimacy.

Porn Free-Discover the truth about pornography and 'sexual' addictions.  Get help.

The Intimate Couple-Jim and Carrie Gordon have a passion to see couples experience the intimate, loving, passionate relationship God designed.

The Marriage Bed-seeks to help couples build and maintain greater intimacy in their marriages. The site strives to educate and encourage couples with information that is scripturally sound and scientifically accurate.

Marriage Blog or Ezine

The Pure Bed Blog-Discussions and thoughts on marriage and sex.

Christian Nymphos-A blog to help Christian married couples experience sexual pleasure fully and consistent with their faith.

Joe's Blog-Joe Beam helps marriages that seem hopeless.

Kyria-Marriage and family articles for women chosen in Christ and called to influence.