The Married Couples Intimacy Store
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The Married Couples Intimacy Store
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A Scent of Romance
Massage Candles for your date nights.
Body Wax Candles

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Kama Sutra Product Line
Kama Sutra Intimacy Products

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  Sex Toys for Married Couples
Sex Toys for Married Couples

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Our mission is to support husbands and wives in the enjoyment of sexual intimacy in marriage.  We are committed to the idea that God created sex as a gift to married couples to promote a special kind of human relationship.  Consistent with our Christian values, our site does not sell, display or support pornography or nudity.  To aid romance and sexual intimacy in your marriage, see our store for adult novelties, games, lingerie, candles and more. 

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Are you a married Christian couple desiring to strengthen your marital relationship?  We invite you to consider attending an Our Intimate Choices Marriage Experience event and expose yourselves to Biblical principles and practical strategies that can enhance communication, sexual intimacy and other aspects of your marital relationship.  Bring your relationship into focus and make your marriage a priority!  Learn more. is owned and operated by Bordenz Enterprises.  The General Partners are a pastor and wife whose goal it is to promote and support a healthier view of sexual intimacy among Christian married couples specifically, all married men and women generally.

 A web-based resource for married couples to enhance sexual intimacy in marriage.

God and Marriage
What The Pure Bed believes about the place and priority of marriage.

Permitted or Prohibited (Christian Sex Ethics)
Discovering how the Bible speaks to sexual choices in our marriages.

Communicating Boundaries:
Finding agreement on what we do in our sex lives.

Marriage Tips
10 behaviors that compromise the strength of a marriage.

Sexual Intimacy:
Kissing, dancing and making time for making love.

Having A Difficult Conversation About Sex: Initiating talks about sensitive issues in the marriage bed..

Visit our blog for frank but reverent commentary on marriage, sex and faith at!

Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits.
Song of Solomon 4:16
Holy Bible (
King James Version)